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Originally from Louisville Kentucky, Lily began her training at an early age, enrolling in a performing arts school while also studying at the Walden Theatre Conservatory. It was during these early years that she fell passionately in love with the art, as she had the opportunity to study and perform classics from Shakespeare to Antigone to modern American dramatic works.


After moving to Arizona, Lily continued her studies, performing frequently with her high school theatre troupe, The Falcon Players, traveling to regional dramatic competitions and taking nearly every class Tucson had to offer, from film technique, to comedy improv and dance. She then went on to study theatre and psychology at the University of Arizona and the Bennett Theatre Lab where she trained extensively in the Stanislavski Method. While in Arizona, Lily performed on many stages and also found a particular passion for film acting. After her first experience in a feature film at age fourteen, she has appeared in numerous feature films, shorts and student films, many of which have premiered in film festivals across the world. Her dedicated work in film earned Lily a Best Actress nomination from the Independent Film Association of Southern Arizona.


After graduating Summa Cum Laude from university, Lily moved to Los Angeles. Within weeks she had already begun working in films, pilots and staged readings. In addition, she started training and performing with several comedy improv troupes, including Upright Citizens Brigade. Lily continues to train and work passionately in film, television, theatre and improv. This year alone she had features screening at prestigious festivals including premieres at Tribeca and Outfest. Lily is currently working on multiple exciting projects, which will debut later this year.  



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